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2019 VASAM Annual Meeting Presentations

"Opioid Crisis in the Community Setting"
Daryl Washington, Director, Fairfax CSB
Download the Presentation (PDF)

“Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Workshop”
Michael Bohan, MD, Meridian Psychotherapy
Download the Presentation (PDF)

“Addiction Medicine and the Judicial Legal System” 

Shawn Ryan, MD, MBA, ABEM, President & Chief Medical Officer, BrightView
Download the Presentation (PDF)

MAT in the Emergency Medical Setting
Kurt Hooks, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Virginia Beach Psychiatric Center
Download the Presentation (PDF)

“Cannabis/Cannabidiol as Medicine.  Are we there yet?”
Jag Khalasa, MS, PhD - Special Volunteer at NIDA/NIH
Download the Presentations (PDFs):  
Slide Deck #1 | Slide Deck #2 | Slide Deck #3

Legistlative Advocacy Committee Update
Becca Branum, JD, ASAM - Download the Presentation (PDF)
Mary McMasters, MD - Download the Presentation (PDF)